Being a bookworm is good for your health

Recently I saw this article that stated something that I’ve been sure of for years – being a bookworm is good for your health.

Neurologists suggest that reading is one of the brain stimulating activities that can decelerate the deterioration in cognitive function that occurs as we age. Reading is good mental exercise and like any exercise, to gain the most health benefits the exercise has to become a habit. After reading the statistics in the article I am sure that my reading addiction is not a habit that I am willing to kick any time soon.

I also found this post on the web, which gave some additional interesting benefits of reading. These include stress reduction and improved self esteem.

I can definitely relate to the stress relieving power of books. They are my escapism, where I do not have to deal with the pressures of work, being a mum, my illness etc.

How do you think books and reading benefit your health?


Review: Golden Boy

book cover image

Golden Boy is one of my favourite “reads” (I listened to the audiobook) so far this year.

Max is popular, intelligent, talented and good looking. You would think that his life should be perfect, but Max has a secret. A secret that leads to events that turn his life upside down and threatens to tear his life and his family apart.

The story is told in separate narratives by different characters. These multiple perspectives really add to the pain and emotion that the author is trying to portray. I found the audiobook gripping and I couldn’t stop listening whilst hoping for a happy ending. As I listened I found myself empathising with Max, willing the other characters to act with his best interests and wishes in mind. I felt not only Max’s pain but the pain and emotions of his family. As a mother I have no idea what I would do if my child was in a similar position.

The author has taken a difficult, rarely talked about subject and delivered a strong, thought provoking novel that will hopefully give readers a new perspective on the issues faced by people in Max’s situation.

Golden Boy –