Review: The Brightness of Stars

          ***Sponsored review.  I received a free ebook copy of this book in return for writing a review.

The Brightness of Stars Book cover image

Through Goodreads I received a request to read & review this book, which of course I gladly accepted.

As I read the Acknowledgements at the beginning of the book, I started to get a sense of how emotional this book was going to be.

The Brightness of Stars is a first hand account of what it is like to have been a child/young person in the British ‘Care’ system.  It is brilliantly written and comes across as both inspiring and thought-provoking.

Together with the author’s own story, there are stories from other ‘care leavers’.  Although their situations and stories differ, there are several reoccurring themes, including abuse & neglect, but most importantly, what I would call, resilience.  These individuals have chosen to make the most of their lives and not let their experiences drag them down.  They have “managed to create a positive life from a negative environment”.  This may have taken time, intervention, assistance & love (including self-love), but it shows that the spiral can be broken.

Within the book Lisa states:

“This ‘new’ climate of knowledge around abuse and vulnerable children means that there is a very real window of opportunity for change.”

I completely agree and I hope that the British Government & its agencies realise this before that window closes and we miss the opportunity to make a difference.

In my opinion, this book should be mandatory reading for social workers, education & medical professionals and anyone else who is involved with the British Care system.